RI has been approved to recommence by the Department of Education and we are following the Department’s Covid 19 safe practices.

Why Choose Christian RI?

According to a recent national survey by McCrindle Research, 99% of Australian parents think that it is important to teach values to Australian school students. 84% believe that Australia’s Christian heritage has been influential in shaping those values.

Many parents choose Christian RI for their children, even if they don’t regularly attend Church, in order to give their children the opportunity to question, explore and discover faith and Christian values for themselves as part of a holistic education.

Christian RI provides a safe environment for children to develop a positive self-image, identity and resilience. It gives young people an opportunity to form their understanding of the morals and values from the teachings of Jesus.

How do I select RI?

RI is offered from Year 1 onwards and you can choose RI when you first enrol (including for Prep year):

  • When you first enrol at your local school by nominating “Yes” on the enrolment form for your child to participate. You then nominate Christian RI so your child is placed, if it is available at the school.*
  • Any time via a written instruction to your school Principal.

* See your school’s website under the co-curricular or extra-curricular tab for the RI options available at your school …If Christian RI isn’t listed, still consent your child into Christian RI to show support for the program.

What Happens @ RI?


Asking questions is the key to learning.

Students are encouraged to ask questions about the Christian faith and its relevance to life. Questions begin the journey to knowledge and understanding.


Exploration brings deeper comprehension.

Students are encouraged to explore questions of faith, life and values in relation to their own personal beliefs and the broader worldviews found in society today, and in the past. Exploration promotes learning that is relevant.


Discovery leads to meaningful conclusions.

When students draw their own conclusions about the Christian faith and it’s values they can make decisions about life and how it should be lived. Discovery is when questions and exploration come alive.

The Christian RI Program

The providers of Christian RI are committed to best-practice RI instruction and program resource materials.
Christian RI instructors follow program resource materials which are regularly reviewed to ensure they are age-appropriate and in step with relevant government legislation and Department of Education policies.

The independent Multi-Faiths RI Peak Body in Queensland has commenced a comprehensive review of RI program resource materials in consultation with the Department of Education. The aim is to ensure that every child and young person in Years 1-12 in Queensland state schools is given the opportunity to question and explore faith, values, and their cultural expression, in a safe and supportive environment.

Who Teaches RI?

Volunteer RI Instructors from local Christian Churches come together to offer “Christian RI”. These denominations may amongst others include Anglican, Australian Christian Churches, Baptist, Catholic, Churches of Christ, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Salvation Army and Uniting Churches.
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Need more info?

More information about the RI program available at your school can be found on your school website.  Otherwise contact info@christianri.org.au for more information.

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