Christian Religious Instruction Alliance in Queensland Vision

We exist to give every young person in Qld state schools the opportunity to explore, question, and discover faith and values through the teachings of Jesus.

The Christian RI Alliance aims to achieve the following outcomes:

    1. The availability of Christian RI during curriculum time for very child and young person in Years 1-12 in Queensland state schools who have been opted-in by their parents.
    2. The freedom for parents to choose Christian RI for their kids in state schools during curriculum time is valued and respected.
    3. That Christian RI lessons and Bible stories are recognised for teaching good morals and values in a safe and supportive environment that will make for a better society.

About Christian RI

Christian Religious Instruction (RI) is about delivering Christian religious education in Queensland state schools that teaches children to question, explore and discover the Christian faith.

Christian RI begins with the understanding that we were created by a loving God, who calls us to fullness of life. Children are encouraged to see themselves as God sees them, full of gifts and potential to be a force for immense goodness in our world. As such, Christian RI contributes to positive self-image, identity and resilience, forming young people in their understanding of the morals and values from the teaching of Jesus.

The Christian RI approach is to provide religious education for students that:

    • encourages them to ask QUESTIONS about the Christian faith and its relevance to life;
    • enables them to EXPLORE their own personal beliefs and the broader worldviews in our society; and
    • helps them DISCOVER their own conclusions about faith, values and Christianity. 

About the Christian RI Alliance

The Christian Religious Instruction Alliance in Queensland (CRIAQ) is the lead organisation for Christian Religious Instructions (RI) in Queensland State Schools. The Alliance acts as the strategic advisor on all Christian RI matters, and strategically positions RI effectively with all stakeholders the Christian church, parents/carers, RI grass roots leaders, volunteers and networks, the RI sector Multi-Faiths Network and other faiths, Department of Education, Government Ministers, bipartisan with political parties, and the community in Queensland.

The Alliance is made up of members from Christian Denominations and Independent Churches. The Alliance also works closely with allied RI legal entities, networks and groups.

The Alliance was established in June 2019, arising from an agreed commitment by Queensland Heads of Churches.

Participating faith groups

Local Christian Churches come together to offer Christian RI on a cooperative and non-denominational basis. These local Churches may, amongst others, include Anglican, Australian Christian Churches, Baptist, Catholic, Churches of Christ, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Salvation Army and Uniting Churches.

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